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Beavis and Butt-Head 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Advance Style A

Beavis and Butt-Head 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Advance Style A

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Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (1996)

Description: 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Advance Style A
Year: 1996
Near mint
Dimension: 27" x  40"
Genre: Animation, Comedy

Item Description:

  • Original
  • One Sheet
  • Single-Sided
  • Advance, Style A
  • Rolled

This is a SS or Single-sided one sheet movie poster that has printing on the front side only.

This movie art item is an authentic original piece - the same item that is used in actual movie theaters. Original movie art items are valued by collectors worldwide and can increase in value over time.

Synopsis: This is a full-length cartoon movie featuring the dim-witted obnoxious loser teens, Beavis and Butt-head. They are obsessed with sex, TV, heavy-metal rock 'n roll, sex, coolness and sex, in that order. The trouble begins when the couch-potato duo's beloved television disappears (they assume it was stolen). In the course of trying to get another TV, they get involved in a major arms-smuggling scheme and are chased all over the U.S. by mobsters and lawmen alike. In one of the movie's highlights, Butt-head tries to get Chelsea Clinton to go to bed with him. Apparently he believes that since they both wear braces, she will naturally want to have sex with him.

Cast: Cloris Leachman, Robert Stack, Richard Linklater, Jacqueline Barba, Pamela Blair, Francis Dumaurier, Tim Guinee, Harsh Nayyar, Bruce Willis, Eric Bogosian, Demi Moore, Toby Huss, Greg Kinnear, Mike Judge, John Doman, Rosemary McNamara, Dale Reeves, Kristofor Brown, Tony Darling, Jim Flaherty, Earl Hofert, Karen Phillips, Mike Ruschak, Gail Thomas, Samuel Johnson, David Letterman; Directed by: Mike Judge, Yvette Kaplan


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