Received poster frame today. Undamaged and in excellent condition. I am thinking of buying more frames from you in the future.
Many thanks.

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Meet the Robinsons Movie Poster - Style B

Meet the Robinsons Movie Poster - Style B

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Meet the Robinsons (2007)

Description: Movie Poster - Advance Style B
Item Description: Original; Single-sided; advance; very thick card stock type paper, Style B; rolled
Year: 2007
Near mint
Dimension: 20" x 28"
Genre: Animation

Note: This poster is on very very thick card stock type paper and must be shipped in a 6 inch wide very thick tube to protect it, as it cannot be rolled very tight due to its thickness

This movie art item is an authentic original piece - the same item that is used in actual movie theaters. Original movie art items are valued by collectors worldwide and can increase in value over time.

Cast: VOICES OF:, Stephen J. Anderson, Angela Bassett, Laurie Metcalf, Kelly Ripa, Adam West, Steve Zahn, Tom Selleck, Paul Butcher, Jamie Cullum, Jessie Flower, Spencer Fox; Directed by: Stephen J. Anderson


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