thank you for your email this morning in response to my inquiry as to what happened to my luck would have it, i received the package from fedex late this afternoon. thanks for your prompt attention to my inquiry.
sincerely, janice west

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The Chronicles of Narnia

Peter's Sword Letter Opener - Master Replicas

Peter's Sword Letter Opener by Master Replicas
Peter's sword plays an integral part in the battle against the evil White Witch and the return of his errant brother Edmund, uniting the Pevensie family and liberating the Kingdom of Narnia forever.
Peter's Christmas Gift - Master Replicas

Peter's Christmas Gift by Master Replicas.
Perhaps the most important of all of the gifts presented to the Pevensie children by Father Christmas, Peter's shield and sword play an integral part in the battle against the evil White Witch and her 100 year reign over Narnia.
Susan's Christmas Gift - Master Replicas

Susan's Christmas Gift by Master Replicas.
Precious gifts from Father Christmas, Susan's ivory horn, bow, and arrows save her life, just as he predicts. Her gifts also enable brother Peter and the great Aslan to track the evil White Witch, launching the battle of good versus evil and putting a...

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