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Cinema Signage

Coming Soon Banner

Coming Soon Banner (Made of the highest quality satin black, designer style, custom aluminum moulding - frame is over one inch wide).
Now Showing Banner

Now Showing Banner - Choose from either gold with black lettering or black with white lettering.
Marquis Poster Frame

Marquis Poster Frame (Made with our Premium frame and is of the highest quality satin black, designer style, custom aluminum moulding).
The One Liner Cinema Sign

The One Liner Cinema Sign for your business or home theater.
Restroom Sign - Bass

Affordable backlit cinema sign.
CGC1 Concession Sign - Bass

Affordable and versatile backlit concession sign.
The Two Liner  Cinema Sign

The Two Liner cinema sign for your business or home theater.
Dual Mylar Cinema Sign

Dual Mylar Cinema Sign for your business or home theater.
Apex Cinema Identity Sign

The Apex Cinema Identity Sign is made from anodized aluminum and is illuminated. Available in five different colours.
Cinema Identity Sign

Cinema Identity Sign for business or home theater.
Royal Cinema Identity Sign

The Royal Cinema Identity Sign is a stunning contemporary sign that will greatly enhance your home theater or business.
Contempo Cinema Identity Sign

The Contempo Cinema Identity Sign features illuminated red accent lines for a striking contemporary look.
Halo Cinema Identity Sign

The Halo Cinema Identity Sign features a subtle illuminated halo light in seven different custom colours.
Regal Cinema Identity Sign

The Regal Cinema Identity Sign features seventeen front to rear 7 watt chaser bulbs.
Grand Marquee Cinema Sign

Grand Marquee Cinema Signage for your business or home theater.
Hollywood Cinema Identity Sign

Hollywood Cinema Identity Sign. Choose from five colours: Satin Silver, Polished Silver, Satin Gold, Polished Gold, or Black.

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