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Breach is both sober and suspenseful. Read on:

Breach tells the true story of former FBI agent Robert Hanssen (Oscar winner Chris Cooper) who was exposed as the worst traitor in U.S. history when he was finally busted in 2001 as being a Russian spy for roughly 20 years.

A devout Catholic, family man and veteran Fed, Hanssen was also a charlatan leading a double life. Dubbed “the mortician” by his G-Men colleagues for his morose demeanor and dark garb, the humorless and embittered Hanssen had access to all kinds of classified information and a long-standing grudge with the FBI “jocks vs. geeks” culture.

The Bureau had long suspected there was a Russian mole in their midst, but they could never pin him down. Each time a U.S. turncoat was caught, they vainly hoped that the leak may have finally been plugged. Once the FBI finally pegged Hanssen as their long sought-after traitor, they had to devise a way to catch the shrewd and smart spy in the act. Enter Eric O’Neill (Ryan Phillippe).

Then a 20-something FBI surveillance operative and computer whiz, Eric dreams of becoming an agent. He is given a special assignment by no-nonsense Agent Burroughs (Laura Linney) to help them monitor and arrest Hanssen, whom O’Neill is told is a sexual deviant who posts intimate details of his sex life with conservative Catholic wife Bonnie (Kathleen Quinlan) on the Internet under his own name. (And, remember, Hanssen was a smart guy who outwitted Russian and American agents alike for 20 years.)

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