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Kate Beckinsale (L) and Luke Wilson (R) in Vacancy

Stax over at IGN says that: “Vacancy is worth checking into.” I think that I’ll do just that very thing this weekend. Read on:

While nowhere near as good as its forebears, Vacancy is a throwback to the early ’70s thrillers like Straw Dogs where normal people get caught up in terrifyingly violent circumstances. This film stars (a cast against type) Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale as David and Amy Fox, respectively.

They are a soon-to be-divorced couple whose relationship fell apart after the accidental death of their young son. Coming back from a weekend at the in-laws, they are constantly sniping at each other — a situation that only worsens after David’s short cut proves anything but a time-saver.

Throw in a malfunctioning car and you’d think their night couldn’t get any worse. Wrong. After their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, they reluctantly accept refuge at a lonely roadside motel managed by an odd fellow named Mason (Frank Whaley). They are perturbed by the screams coming from the horror movie he’s watching in the next room, but they soon find out that truth is more horrifying than fiction.

David realizes that the horror video he’s watching in their seedy motel room isn’t a Hollywood movie; it’s a snuff film taped in the very room they’re staying in. Loud bangs on the walls are just the first scary thing they encounter as Mason and his goons try to make David and Amy the stars of their next “production.”

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In Theaters: April 20th, 2007

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