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A Mighty Heart


Angelina Jolie has given her best perforrmance to date in A Mighty Heart. Read on:

Despite its TV-movie-of-the-week title, A Mighty Heart is a compelling docudrama in the vein of Paul Greengrass’ United 93: a chronicle of actual events that we kind of know about, but are only now experiencing first-hand… appropriately in cinematic terms. Like Greengrass, director Michael Winterbottom favors handheld cameras and a more immediate approach to documenting his subject, but more than that, the two share a European (or at least non-American) sensibility that lends a greater degree of objectivity and, by extension, a greater universality to the story.

And while it may seem like poor encouragement to compare this to the best movie people were afraid to see in 2006, suffice it to say that A Mighty Heart should be significantly easier for audiences to endure, even if its story is just as powerful.

Told through the eyes of Mariane Pearl, A Mighty Heart documents the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl and the authorities’ (and his family’s) subsequent efforts to save his life. Angelina Jolie plays the very pregnant Mariane opposite Dan Futterman’s Daniel; true to her account of the events, most of the film is from her point of view, with only a few early scenes and flashbacks showing their interaction. This proves to be one of the movie’s strengths, as it refrains from dramatizing Pearl’s torture to either speculate what happened to him or to push unnecessary dramatic buttons.

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