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Hostel Part 2


Hostel Part II is sick and twisted but still “damned” good. Read on:

For some reason sequels always seem to get a bad rap. Yet if you really take the time to examine the sequel, specifically as it implies to genre films in the Sci-Fi and Horror vein, more often than not the sequel is far superior, in terms of story, character development, gore and suspense/thrills, to the original. Of course a lot of sequels simply suck, too.

Trying to nail down why some sequels succeed and some fail is tough. One could say that some succeed due to the injection of new blood (different screenwriter, different director, different actors) which often brings a fresh, new approach to the familiar material. Yet just as many sequels done by the original team of creators have succeeded as those done by a new team and vice/versa. Basically, we could sit here and argue the merits of each for hours, but the simple fact remains, some sequels fare better because of new creative blood and others fair better thanks to old blood. You just never can tell.

With Hostel: Part II the original creator is back on tap. This would be director/screenwriter/producer Eli Roth, who has actually improved upon the first Hostel film, delivering more gore, but more importantly delivering a more streamlined, and dare I say, mature spin on the slasher genre. He joins the ranks of George Miller and Sam Raimi as a wild genre director who takes his initial concept and builds upon it, giving us more refined bits of the first film, but put through a meat grinder and made a bit more palpable. Hostel was ground chuck, Hostel: Part II is top sirloin.

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In Theatres: June 8, 2007

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