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Knocked Up


Knocked Up delivers. Read on:

From the creative team that brought you 40 Year Old Virgin comes the next installment in the “fish out of water” comedy romance genre. Knocked Up tells the story of Ben (Seth Rogen) and Alison (Katherine Heigl) — two individuals from completely different walks of life. Alison is an employee of the E! channel, promoted at the beginning of the film from a position behind the camera to on-air talent status. Ben, on the other hand, is your stereotypical free-spirit — he lives with four slacker buddies (played hilariously by Jonah Hill, Martin Starr, Jay Baruchel and Jason Segel), is developing a pseudo pornographic online business venture and spends most of his time getting high.

The two cross paths when Alison decides to celebrate her promotion with her sister, Debbie (Leslie Mann). A night at the club and several drinks later, Ben and Alison end up back at her place for a one-night stand. The morning after is less than pretty — while Ben is clearly enamored by her, it’s obvious that Alison was seeing him through beer goggles the night before. The two go their separate ways and it isn’t until eight weeks later that Ben hears from Alison again… with news that she’s pregnant. Shock, denial and comedy ensue. After a brief will we/won’t we debate, the couple decides to have the child and make a go at having a relationship. The rest of the film is spent focusing on the ups and downs of two inherently different people trying to make a relationship work, all set atop the backdrop of an impending childbirth.

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