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Bringing Posters to Life – The Next-Generation of Movie Posters


Helmut Kungl, president of XYZ RGB Inc., is set to revolutionize the poster industry with the next-generation of movie posters.

It’s as if it were pulled from the future — a poster of a lively soccer player juggling a ball as you walk past.

But, it’s not simply a concept. An Ottawa company has already figured out how to bring a paper-thin piece of plastic to life, and now is ready to unleash its moving ads on the world.

“When you look at the technology behind this, the only way to describe it is magic,” said Helmut Kungl, president of XYZ RGB Inc. “It’s like that newspaper in Harry Potter, the one that keeps looping the picture over and over.”

Using cutting-edge technologies, XYZ RGB can turn an eight-second video into a full-colour hologram and place it in a plastic film that can be posted in malls, pasted to billboards or even wrapped around a can of soup.

The energy needed to make it work? Only a source of light.The film industry is the first target for what XYZ RGB bills as the next-generation movie poster. The company can place a short clip right in the poster, giving people a chance to view a scene without going into the theatre.

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