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Interview With Christopher Nolan


The folks over at IGN attended a special screening and reception on Wednesday for the Imax prologue of the Dark Knight. The prologue is set to debut during the Imax release of I Am Legend on December 14th.

IGN was able to get an exclusive interview with Christopher Nolan at a cocktail reception following the screening:

IGN: How many IMAX sequences will be included in The Dark Knight in addition to the Joker’s introduction?

Christopher Nolan: I think there will be four or five in the finished film. I’ve only just started editing the feature so it is as yet uncertain. As we shot we intended to shoot four, but we enjoyed it so much and we were loving the results so much as we were watching dailies. We were sitting there on the stage in Chicago watching dailies on an eight-story screen. It’s a pretty incredible thing. So we started throwing the cameras [in] a little bit more and more, so it will be a little more in the film than that but primarily they’re the big action beats.

IGN: What was your criteria for selecting the scenes to be shot in IMAX?

Nolan: Well, I started with the big action beats, but we actually started shooting some of the quieter moments as well [in IMAX]. Yeah, the pictorially interesting, quieter, montage kind of moments. We thought we’d try that. It’s just a beautiful way — it’s just the best, most extraordinary image there is in motion pictures so it’s kind of addictive. You start wanting to use it more and more.

IGN: Was Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face shot in IMAX?

Nolan: Gosh, I’m trying to remember … We mixed in — that depends on how you look at it. It’s a hard one to answer, actually.

IGN: What about the much talked about shot from Wizard World Chicago of seeing Dent/Two-Face from behind at the bar?

Nolan: No, that’s all 35[mm]actually.

Click on the link below to read the entire interview:

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