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Downey Discusses Iron Man

The star of Iron Man talks Tony Stark, the suit and more.

On June 13, 2007, Marvel and Paramount Pictures invited IGN and a handful of online outlets to conduct interviews from the set of the forthcoming comic book adaptation for Iron Man. Directed by Jon Favreau, the film stars Robert Downey, Jr. as billionaire industrialist Tony Stark and traces the origin story of his superhero alter ego Iron Man. In addition to touring several sets from the film, IGN spoke to several key cast and crew members to discover what might be hiding beneath Iron Man’s armor.

Following a scene in which Stark scrolls through a virtual rolodex of images (shot against a green screen), Downey, Jr. spoke to IGN and the group to discuss his interest in the role and his collaboration with Jon Favreau and others on the film.

IGN Movies: This seems like it might be an unusual choice for you as an actor.

Robert Downey, Jr.: Well, I mean, all my friends are doing it (laughs). When I came up, I remember the original Superman – Brando was in it. I thought, wow, these things must be getting legit. I was already I guess fairly opinionated when I was seven (laughs). So I don’t know; I’m kind of like a nerd about this stuff. I think there’s been an onslaught, obviously, of this genre of film and I thought this one was different enough to accommodate whatever snobbery might be unleashed on me by my peers or friends. It’s like my buddies, man…you want to do stuff and they say, “You’re doing what, man? The Shaggy Dog? Are you on drugs again?”

IGN: Have people been giving you a tough time about this?

Downey, Jr.: No, no one’s given me any guff about Iron Man and it’s funny, too. It’s like it’s a particular kind of fan likes it, or these smart, highly-educated entertainment lawyer’s like pulling me aside at a party and is like, “Dude, Tony Stark, man,” and then they tie gets loose and they start geeking out and it’s great.

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