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The Best of Charlton Heston

IGN has a tribute to the legendary actor, Charlton Heston.

He finally, really did it…

With the passing of screen icon Charlton Heston this weekend at age 84, it seems only fitting to take a look at some of his most notable roles in terms of how they’ve affected the genres of cinema that are the bread and butter of an outlet like IGN. The action film, the sci-fi opus, and the epic were all the purview of Mr. Heston in his film career, which spanned some 100 movies. And while many of IGN’s readers are perhaps too young to realize it, if it weren’t for Heston, we today might not have valid big-budget genre films (Heston helped make sci-fi legit with Planet of the Apes), the square-jawed and reticent hero archetype, or even Will Smith blasting mutants with a quip in I Am Legend (Smith was still in diapers when Heston was doing the same in The Omega Man).

One may not have agreed with Heston’s politics (he became increasingly conservative later in life) and it was easy for the liberals to poke fun at his “From my cold, dead hands!” NRA image, but there’s no getting around the fact that this was an actor who seemed to truly be what his Hollywood image presented him as.

What follows then is just a handful of our favorite Heston performances. And to paraphrase his Planet of the Apes character, we can almost imagine Heston’s final words before leaving this earthly plane: “I leave the 21st century with no regrets…”

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