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Wanted UK Review

According to the Wanted UK review, Wanted is “quite the best time to be had in a cinema thus far this summer.” “People, the summer starts here.” Well, we’ll see.

Wesley Gibson doesn’t have a lot going for him. Working in a dead-end job, he spends his days being bullied by his overbearing boss, while back home his best bud is busy banging his ballbuster of a girlfriend. Wesley is a loser with a capital ‘L’, until the day he meets Fox, a mysterious beauty with a big gun, a fast car, and an offer Wes can’t possibly refuse.

So begins Wanted – quite the best time to be had in a cinema thus far this summer. For it turns out Wes’s long-lost father was a member of the Fraternity – a centuries old league of assassins carrying out the orders of fate – and it’s now the prodigal son’s time to follow his destiny, ‘grow a pair’, and become the superhuman soldier he was always meant to be.

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