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In Love We Trust

In Love We Trust

This independent Chinese film is one, which cannot readily transcend to a traditionally American Hollywood movie easily, which is part of its overall appeal. Centering on a divorced Chinese couple, who realize that their 6 year old daughter has leukemia. The movie goes through a series of highs and lows as the couple discovers that one of their daughter’s only chances for survival is for the couple to have another child in the hopes that this baby will be a bone marrow match. The two divorcees are already remarried to other people, which make this seemingly dramatic movie into more of a comedy, as the couples discover ways in which to conceive another baby while keeping their spouses happy.

While still remarkably Chinese in its cultural context, the still in effect one-child policy is a barely acknowledged punitive barrier, while it remains in conflict with the rise of the Chinese urban middle class. Wang Ziaoshuai paints a picture that is both pensive and comedic at the same time, something that is difficult for American filmmakers to grasp. Wang additionally focuses on the different characters that are the prominent figures in the story; by doing this, he can build up to the climactic event in which the parents realize that their child has this life-threatening disease and their subsequent lifestyle and happiness are thereby expendable for the life of one little girl. Wang has mastered the art of nearly bringing the audience to tears, but jerks away before the scene becomes too melodramatic. Furthermore, he has been able to achieve the effect of silent tension within the various characters allowing the audience to view the conflict brimming inside. With a film stocked full of such latent conflict within every scene, that it would seem impossible to portray, Wang has succeeded in reaching this point in his career where such a film would be difficult to produce in any other venue.

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