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New Inception Character Posters!

We just found some fantastic new character posters for the upcoming, Inception, movie directed by Chris Nolan and starring the great Leonardo DiCaprio. I can’t wait for this one to hit the theaters.

The posters give insight into the psyche of the major characters. Instead of names, the posters have one word descriptions that illustrates the roles that that they each play in the action/thriller. These posters are really well done – very nice artwork. We are introduced to: The Architect, The Extractor, The Forger, The Point Man, The Tourist, The Shade and The Mark. There is no doubt that this is the going to be the best movie of the year.

We hope that we will have some of these character posters soon, but we do have the Inception advance movie poster and the Inception regular poster on hand. Check out the character posters below:

Inception Architect Poster Inception Extractor Character Poster Inception Forger Character Poster Inception The Point Man Poster

Inception The Shade Character Poster Inception The Tourist Character Poster Inception The Mark Character Poster

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