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Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Prom DS 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Advance Style ARelease date: Friday April 29, 2011 (Wide)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Joe Nussbaum
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Producer(s): Justin Springer, Ted Griffin
Screenplay: Katie Wech
Cast: Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonell, Danielle Campbell, Yin Chang, Kylie Bunbury, Nicholas Braun, Jared Kusnitz, Jonathan Keltz, De’Vaughn Nixon, Nolan Sotillo, Joe Adler, Cameron Monaghan, Janelle Ortiz, Raini Rodriguez
Official Site:
Rating: PG
Available film art: Prom movie posters

At “Prom,” every couple has a story and no two are exactly alike. Several intersecting stories unfold at one high school as the big dance approaches; “Prom” portrays the precarious passage from high school to independence as some relationships unravel and others ignite. For Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden), it’s a battle of wills as she finds herself drawn to the guy (Thomas McDonell) who gets in the way of her perfect prom. Fellow seniors Mei (Yin Chang) and Tyler (De’Vaughn Nixon) harbor secrets, while others face all the insecurity and anticipation that surrounds one of high school’s most seminal events. There are hundreds of nights in high school, but there’s only one “Prom.” Featuring an emerging ensemble cast and a powerful soundtrack, “Prom” hits theaters April 29, 2011.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Release date: Friday May 20, 2011 (Wide)
Genre: Adventure, Action
Director: Rob Marshall
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Producer(s): Jerry Bruckheimer
Screenplay: Terry Rossio, Ted Elliott
Cast: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Penélope Cruz, Ian McShane, Jami Gertz
Official Site:
Rating: Not yet rated
Available film art: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie posters

Flamboyant seafarer Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) lands himself in a bit of a bind after being lured onto Blackbeard’s (Ian McShane) ship by enigmatic siren Angelica (Penélope Cruz), and forced to seek out the Fountain of Youth. Trapped on the Queen Anne’s Revenge with the most nefarious pirate in history, Captain Jack reflects on his past with the elusive Angelica while embarking on his wildest adventure to date.

Win Win

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Win Win DS 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Style ARelease date: Friday March 18, 2011 (Limited)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 1 hr. 46 min.
Director: Thomas McCarthy
Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Producer(s): Lisa Maria Falcone, Michael London, Mary Jane Skalski
Screenplay: Thomas McCarthy
Cast: Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, Melanie Lynskey, Bobby Cannavale, Jeffrey Tambor, Alex Shaffer
Official Site: Not available
Rating: R for language
Available film art: Win Win movie posters

Tom McCarthy, acclaimed writer/director of The Visitor and The Station Agent, explores the allegiances and bonds between unlikely characters with a lighter touch in his new film. Struggling attorney Mike Flaherty (Paul Giamatti), who moonlights as a high school wrestling coach, becomes legal guardian of an elderly client in an attempt to help keep his practice afloat. When the client’s teenage grandson runs away from home and shows up on his grandfather’s doorstep, Mike’s family life and his wrestling team are turned upside down. Mike’s win-win proposition turns into something much more complicated than he ever bargained for. McCarthy’s deft touch balancing drama and comedy, broken hearts and poignant humanity is at play in Win Win.


Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Beastly Promo Poster - Style ARelease date: Friday March 4, 2011 (Wide)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Running Time: 1 hr. 35 min.
Director: Daniel Barnz
Studio: CBS Films
Producer(s): Susan Cartsonis
Screenplay: Daniel Barnz
Cast: Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate Olsen, Neil Patrick Harris, Peter Krause
Official Site:
Rating: PG-13 for language including crude comments, brief violence and some thematic material
Available film art: Beastly movie posters

Kyle Kingson (Alex Pettyfer) has it all—looks, intelligence, wealth and opportunity—and a wicked cruel streak. Prone to mocking and humiliating “aggressively unattractive” classmates, he zeroes in on Goth classmate Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen), inviting her to the school’s extravagant environmental bash. Kendra accepts, and, true to form, Kyle blows her off in a particularly savage fashion.

She retaliates by casting a spell that physically transforms him into everything he despises. Enraged by his horrible and unrecognizable appearance, he confronts Kendra and learns that the only solution to the curse is to find someone that will love him as he is—a task he considers impossible.

Repulsed by his appearance, Kyle’s callous father banishes him to Brooklyn with a sympathetic housekeeper and blind tutor. As Kyle ponders how to overcome the curse and get his old life back, he chances upon a drug addict in the act of killing a threatening dealer. Seizing the opportunity, Kyle promises the addict freedom and safety for his daughter, Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens) if she will consent to live in Kyle’s Brooklyn home.

Your Highness

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Your Highness DS 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Advance Style ARelease date: Friday April 8, 2011 (Wide)
Genre: Comedy
Director: David Gordon Green
Studio: Universal Pictures
Producer(s): Scott Stuber
Screenplay: Danny McBride, Ben Best
Cast: Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Theroux, Toby Jones
Official Site:
Rating: R for strong crude and sexual content, pervasive language, nudity, violence and some drug use.
Available film art: Your Highness movie posters

Thadeous (Danny McBride) has spent his life watching his perfect older brother Fabious (James Franco) embark upon valiant journeys and win the hearts of his people. Tired of being passed over for adventure, adoration and the throne, he’s settled for a life of wizard’s weed, hard booze and easy maidens. But when Fabious’ bride-to-be, Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel), gets kidnapped by the evil wizard Leezar (Justin Theroux), the king gives his deadbeat son an ultimatum: Man up and help rescue her or get cut off.

Half-assedly embarking upon his first quest, Thadeous joins Fabious to trek across the perilous outlands and free the princess. Joined by Isabel (Natalie Portman)—an elusive warrior with a dangerous agenda of her own—the brothers must vanquish horrific creatures and traitorous knights before they can reach Belladonna. If Thadeous can find his inner hero, he can help his brother prevent the destruction of his land. Stay a slacker, and not only does he die a coward, he gets front row seats to the dawn of an all-new Dark Ages.

Fast Five

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Fast Five DS 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Advance Style ARelease date: Friday April 29, 2011 (Wide)
Genre: Action
Director: Justin Lin
Studio: Universal Pictures
Producer(s): Michael Fottrell, Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel
Screenplay: Chris Morgan
Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Matt Schulze, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Joaquim de Almeida, Dwayne Johnson
Official Site:
Rating: Not Yet Rated
Available film art: Fast Five movie posters

Director Justin Lin (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious) returns to the helm for this adrenaline-charged sequel reuniting series stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker for their biggest thrill ride yet. With the police in hot pursuit and wanted fugitive Dom (Diesel) in tow, Brian (Walker) and Mia (Jordana Brewster) make their way to Rio, and realize they’ve run out of luck. In order to earn their freedom, they’ll have to pull off their biggest job yet. After assembling a crack team of the top racers in Brazil, the gang prepares to confront the crooked businessman who seeks to silence them forever. Meanwhile, unstoppable federal agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) has assembled his own team, an intimidating group of top cops whose sole mission is to capture Dom, Brian, and Mia by whatever means possible. But as the race heats up, Hobbs loses his ability to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Now, in order to prevent the lawless trio from being turned into roadkill before he can arrest them, Luke puts his pedal to the metal, and begins to rely more on his killer instinct than his police training.

Battle: Los Angeles

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Battle Los Angeles DS 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Advance Style ARelease date: Friday March 11, 2011 (Wide)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Running time: 1 hr. 30 min.
Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Producer(s): Neal H. Moritz, Ori Marmur
Screenplay: Chris Bertolini
Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Ramon Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Ne-Yo, Michael Peña
Official Site:
Rating: Not Yet Rated
Available film art: Battle: Los Angeles movie posters

Battle: Los Angeles revolves around a Marine staff sergeant (Eckhart) and his new platoon’s battle against an alien invasion on the streets of Los Angeles. The movie is presented as an intense real-time war movie from the perspective of the Marines. It has been described by some as “Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day”. It will be a live-action drama, showcasing the United States Marines attempting to defeat an alien invasion of planet Earth.

New Hop Trailer

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Hop DS 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Advance Style A

Check out this cute new trailer from the upcoming “Hop” movie. The Easter bunny rocks!

X-Men: First Class

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

X-Men First Class 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Advance Style ARelease date: Friday June 3, 2011 (Wide)
Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Producer(s): Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler-Donner, Bryan Singer
Screenplay: Jamie Moss, Josh Schwartz
Cast: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, January Jones, Jason Flemyng, Lucas Till, Morgan Lily, Edi Gathegi, Nicholas Hoult, Kevin Bacon, Caleb Landry Jones
Official Site: Not available
Rating: Not Yet Rated
Available film art: X-Men: First Class movie posters

The young ranks of the X-Men mutant supergroup are mined in this youth-minded installment, directed by Kick-Ass’ Matthew Vaughn. Taking its title from the 2006 comic, the feature will focus on the early years of Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) as they develop the Mutant School for Gifted Youngsters. Lauren Shuler-Donner and Simon Kinberg handle producing duties on the 20th Century Fox production.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never DS 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Advance Style BRelease date: Friday February 11, 2011 (Wide)
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 1 hr. 45 min.
Director: Jon M. Chu
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Producer(s): Justin Bieber, Antonio “L.A.” Reid, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz, Scooter Braun, Usher Raymond
Cast: Justin Bieber
Official Site:
Rating: G
Available film art: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never movie posters

JUSTIN BIEBER: NEVER SAY NEVER is the inspiring true story and rare inside look at the rise of Justin from street performer in the small town of Stratford, Ontario to internet phenomenon to global super star culminating with a dream sold out show at the famed Madison Square Garden in 3-D.

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