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Wednesday, May 9th, 2007


Aladdin is Disney’s spectacular version of the classic Arabian Nights fairy tale. Set in the mythical city of Agrabah, the story follows a street-smart teen, Aladdin, and his mischievous pet monkey, Abu. Aladdin falls in love with the free-spirited Princess Jasmine, despite a law that says she can only wed a royal suitor. His luck changes with one rub of the magic lamp, releasing the shape-shifting, fun-loving, wish-giving Genie, who turns Aladdin into a Prince. But the evil vizier, Jafar, and his wisecracking parrot, Iago, also crave the lamp’s power. If Aladdin is to defeat them and win Jasmine’s heart, he must learn to be himself – with a little help from his big blue buddy, the Genie.

Cast: Voice(s) by:, Robin Williams, Scott Weinger, Linda Larkin, Jonathan Freeman, Frank Welker, Gilbert Gottfried, Douglas Seale, Brad Kane, Lea Salonga ; Directed by: Ron Clements, John Musker

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