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Rei Ayanami – Bandaged – Medicom Toy

Friday, November 24th, 2006


Medicom Toy’s Bandaged Rei Ayanami is now available for preorder:

The Medicom Toy 12-inch figure of Rei Ayanami is another fantastic entry in their series of Real Action Hero (RAH) figures, featuring a dynamic blend of art and action. The figure features clever articulation hidden beneath a detailed and masterfully tailored costume, including her bandages. Never before has an anime figure featured this much detail and superior design.

The 12-inch RAH Rei Ayanami figure includes:

  • The newly developed female RAH (Real Action Hero) body
  • Authentic soft vinyl portrait, based on the artwork of Mr. Sadamoto
  • Figure display base

A stoic young girl of fourteen, Rei was the first individual (The First Child) chosen for participation in the Evangelion project and is the pilot of prototype Eva Unit 00. Her resemblance to Yui Ikari is due to the fact that her body was partially created from the salvaged remains of Yui after her death during an early Eva project experiment. She has died twice, only to have her soul re-installed in a clone body created for this purpose. Enigmatic, isolated and yet strangely gentle, Rei is the product of one man’s struggle to govern the evolution of his species. Rei embraces his cause, and the man, Gendo Ikari, as the validation for her existence. But the knowledge that she is a substitute for something, for someone, whispers to her from the void of her missing soul. She is the First Child – the future incarnate.

Artist(s): Manufactured by Medicom Toy

© Gainax

Product Type: 12-inch Figure
Product Size: 11″ H (280mm)
Est. Box Size: TBD

Price: $115.00

Click on the link below to preorder your:

Bandaged Rei Ayanami Figure by Medicom Toy

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