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Spider-Man 3 Fight Scene Revealed

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

spidey3-weblog.jpg has this killer fight scene from Spider-man 3. Beware, potential spoiler! Read on:

IGN is at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where we just viewed a killer fight sequence from Spider-Man 3 at the Sony booth!

[SPOILER WARNING: Continue reading only if you want to know the details of the film’s brutal battle between Peter Parker and Harry Osborn that’s glimpsed in the trailer.]

The scene begins with MJ and Peter laying on a web in the park talking — you’ll know about this scene if you’ve paid attention to the trailer and seen previously released production stills. We surmise that she’s just been in a performance that he attended as she says something like, “I wish you could come see me every time.”

We then shift to a scene where Peter is visiting Aunt May and he tells her he’s decided to marry Mary Jane. “That’s so wonderful,” she says, and she gives Peter her engagement ring to offer MJ.

Click on the link below to read the entre article:

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