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Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Did You Hear About the Morgans DS 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Advance Style A

Release date: Friday December 18, 2009
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Marc Lawrence
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Screenplay: Marc Lawrence
Producer(s): Martin Shafer, Liz Glotzer
Cast: Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sam Elliott, Mary Steenburgen, Elisabeth Moss, Michael Kelly
Official Site:
Rating: This Film is Not Yet Rated
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In New York City, an estranged couple who witness a murder are relocated to small-town Wyoming as part of a witness-protection program.

Music and Lyrics

Sunday, January 28th, 2007


“Music & Lyrics” follows Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant), a washed-up 80s pop star who’s been reduced to working the nostalgia circuit at county fairs and amusement parks.

The charismatic and talented musician gets a chance at a comeback when reigning diva Cora Corman invites him to write and record a duet with her, but there’s a problem – Alex hasn’t written a song in years, he’s never written lyrics, and he has to come up with a hit in a matter of days. Enter Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), Alex’s beguilingly quirky plant lady, whose flair for words strikes a chord with the struggling songwriter. On the rebound from a bad relationship, Sophie is reluctant to collaborate with anyone, especially commitment-phobe Alex. As their chemistry heats up at the piano and under it, Alex and Sophie will have to face their fears – and the music – if they want to find the love and success they both deserve.

Cast: Drew Barrymore, Hugh Grant, Kristen Johnston, Brad Garrett, Campbell Scott; Directed by: Marc Lawrence

Music and Lyrics Movie Posters

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In theaters February 14, 2007

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