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Inception Is a Critic’s Dream

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Inception DS 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Style A

The long awaited Chris Nolan directed film, Inception arrive in theaters, July 16th and it’s already getting rave reviews. The movie rates 100% on the Rotten Tomatoes, Tomatometer! That is unheard off and the critics are loving it. Here is a samping of what some of them are saying:

“If movies are shared dreams, then Christopher Nolan is surely one of Hollywood’s most inventive dreamers, given the evidence of his commandingly clever Inception.” ~ Justin Chang (Variety)

“Inception doesn’t just dream bigger than most movies even dare, but it leaves the audience feeling inspired to do the same.” ~ Katey Rich (

“A devilishly complicated, fiendishly enjoyable sci-fi voyage across a dreamscape that is thoroughly compelling. ” ~ Kirk Honeycutt (Hollywood Reporter)

“A wildly entertaining and dazzling mind-trip not to be missed. Kubrick would have been proud.” ~ Pete Hammond (Boxoffice Magazine).

“I expected a lot,but still walked out hypnotized. Here’s a movie that’s 3 steps ahead of you, on 4 different levels, at 5 blinding speeds. Best of 2010 thus far. (No Spoilers)” ~ Steven Snyder (Techland)

“Inception is an exhilarating cinematic experience that suggests there is still room, even in the blockbuster world, for big ideas and dangerous emotions, and that may be the single most thrilling thing about it.” ~ Drew McWeeny (Hitfix)

“a stunning achievement and the most completely entertaining film I’ve seen in years.” ~ Todd Gilchrist (Cinematical)

“Inception is a masterpiece. Making a huge film with big ambitions, Christopher Nolan never missteps and manages to create a movie that, at times, feels like a miracle.” ~ Devin Faraci (Chud)

“There are times in Christopher Nolan’s somnolent crime caper where you’ll find yourself recognizing moments from your own subconscious on the screen, to a thrilling, frightening and ultimately inspiring effect. ” ~ Jordan Hoffman (UGO)

“As intricate as the script is—Nolan worked on it for a decade—the movie is not just a feat of cinematic wizardry, even though it comes close to the level of technological derring-do carried off by the likes of Stanley Kubrick. (Indeed Nolan works in repeated homages to the late great auteur beyond the obvious use of moving sets on gimbles to allow athletic Gordon-Levitt to bounce weightless and walk on walls and ceilings.) The movie also has heart. So that even if you do get confused (as I did in the James Bond snow section, filmed in the Canadian Rockies), the emotional through-line pulls you along. It’s as simple as The Wizard of Oz: The Extractor wants to go home.” ~ Anne Thompson (IndieWIRE).

There you have it. If that’s not enough to make want to see this movie – well I can’t help you.

New Inception Character Posters!

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

We just found some fantastic new character posters for the upcoming, Inception, movie directed by Chris Nolan and starring the great Leonardo DiCaprio. I can’t wait for this one to hit the theaters.

The posters give insight into the psyche of the major characters. Instead of names, the posters have one word descriptions that illustrates the roles that that they each play in the action/thriller. These posters are really well done – very nice artwork. We are introduced to: The Architect, The Extractor, The Forger, The Point Man, The Tourist, The Shade and The Mark. There is no doubt that this is the going to be the best movie of the year.

We hope that we will have some of these character posters soon, but we do have the Inception advance movie poster and the Inception regular poster on hand. Check out the character posters below:

Inception Architect Poster Inception Extractor Character Poster Inception Forger Character Poster Inception The Point Man Poster

Inception The Shade Character Poster Inception The Tourist Character Poster Inception The Mark Character Poster

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