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Fred Claus

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007


Fred Claus (Vince Vaughn) has lived almost his entire life in his little brother’s very large shadow. Fred tried, but he could never live up to the example set by the younger Nicholas (Paul Giamatti), who was just a perfect… well… Saint. True to form, Nicholas grew up to be the model of giving, while Fred became the polar opposite: a repo man who then steals what he repossesses. Now Fred’s dirty dealings have landed him in jail. Over Mrs. Claus’s objections, Nicholas agrees to bail his big brother out on one condition: that he come to the North Pole and work off his debt making toys. The trouble is that Fred isn’t exactly elf material and, with Christmas fast approaching, this one bad seed could jeopardize the jolliest holiday of the year. Has Fred finally pushed his little brother to the brink? This time, what Fred may have stolen is Christmas itself, and it is going to take more than Rudolph to set things right.

Cast: Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, Miranda Richardson, Elizabeth Banks Director: David Dobkin

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The Simpsons Movie

Thursday, July 26th, 2007


The Simpsons Movie doesn’t suck. Read the Australian review:

The four-fingered, little yellow family from the ‘burbs has been kicking around on TV screens for a long time now. The show has outlasted virtually every other animated series ever and is completely ingrained in the mindset of just about everyone over the age of 15. The Simpsons Movie had to happen – it was always on the cards – but its timing was always a critical factor. Now, in this heinous year of the lord 2007, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie have finally graduated to the big screen and mostly it’s a success.

Irrespective of what anyone says in reviews or around the water cooler, the fact is, if you’ve stuck by the series since the early 90s, you’ll be paying for your ticket out of sheer curiosity. And rightly so – your purchase is completely justified because you probably won’t care that the final film is really only as good as the best episodes to come out of the last four seasons of the show. It comes close to capturing the spark the show had in its prime, even, but it doesn’t quite nail it.

Let’s start with the basics – motivation. Of all the ideas to be spitballed and brainstormed around the coffee table (and after a reported 100 drafts of the script), Groening greenlit the following very-timely concept: Springfield is on the brink of an environmental disaster after pollution and contaminants have wreaked havoc on the lake. Homer is the straw that breaks the proverbial horse’s back after the fat, yellow jackass dumps a silo full of faeces into the basin. Eventually, word gets back to the President of the United States (amusingly, Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken control of the oval office) and Springfield is dramatically quarantined under a massive translucent dome.

Click on the link below to read the entire review:

Read more…

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DVD Releases for July 31, 2007

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

300-blog.jpg pathfinder-blog.jpg hot-fuzz-blog.jpg

These are the DVD releases for July 31st. Just click on the links to purchase the movie posters

  • 300 (Action) – Based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller, ‘300’ is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy. The film brings Miller’s (300) acclaimed graphic novel to life by combining live action with virtual backgrounds that capture his distinct vision of this ancient historic tale.

    Cast: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham, Dominic West, Vincent Regan, Michael Fassbender, Rodrigo Santoro, Andrew Tiernan, Andrew Pleavin; Directed by: Zack Snyder

    View the Trailer

  • Pathfinder (Adventure) – In an untamed, primordial America, 500 years before Columbus will reach its shores, an epic battle between love and hate unfolds that will change one man’s destiny and the future of a nation.

    A Viking child becomes the lone survivor of a shipwreck, after his marauding Norse clan raids a coastal Native American village for slaves. Despite his blonde hair and strange language – and concerns that evil will follow the boy wherever he goes – the ten year-old is adopted by the local Wampanoag Indians, who raise him to become a skilled hunter and warrior.

    Cast: Karl Urban, Moon Bloodgood, Russell Means, Ralf Moeller, Clancy Brown, Jay Tavare; Directed by: Marcus Nispel

    View the trailer

  • Hot Fuzz (Comedy) – Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is the finest police officer London has to offer, with an arrest record 400% higher than any officer on the force. He’s so good, he makes everyone else look bad. As a result, Angel’s superiors send him to a place where his talents won’t be quite so embarrassing — the sleepy and seemingly crime-free village of Sandford.

    Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Bill Bailey, Tim Barlow, David Bradley; Directed by: Edgar Wright

    View the trailer

Balls of Fury

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

George Lopez, Diedrich Bader, James Hong, Brandon Molale, Maggie Q

In this secret society, the competition is brutal; the stakes are high; and the balls–more often than not–are white. Welcome to the unsanctioned, underground, and utterly unhinged world of clandestine Ping-Pong tournaments.

Cast: Christopher Walken, Maggie Q, Masi Oka, David Koechner, Terry Crews, Aisha Tyler, Diedrich Bader, Jason Scott Lee; Directed by: Ben Garant

In Theatres: August 31, 2007

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American Gangster

Friday, July 6th, 2007

american-ganster-a.jpg american-gangster-b.jpg

Nobody used to notice Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington), the quiet driver to one of the inner city’s leading black crime bosses. But when his boss suddenly dies, Frank exploits the opening in the power structure to build his own empire and create his own version of the American Dream. Through ingenuity and a strict business ethic, he comes to rule the inner-city drug trade, flooding the streets with a purer product at a better price. Lucas outplays all of the leading crime syndicates and becomes not only one of the city’s mainline corrupters, but part of its circle of legit civic superstars.

Richie Roberts (Ruseell Crowe) is an outcast cop close enough to the streets to feel a shift of control in the drug underworld. Roberts believes someone is climbing the rungs above the known Mafia families and starts to suspect that a black power player has come from nowhere to dominate the scene. Both Lucas and Roberts share a rigorous ethical code that sets them apart from their own colleagues, making them lone figures on opposite sides of the law. The destinies of these two men will become intertwined as they approach a confrontation where only one of them can come out on top.

Cast: Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Cuba Gooding Jr., Josh Brolin, RZA, John Ortiz, John Hawkes, Ted Levine, Yul Vazquez; Directed by: Ridley Scott

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DVD Releases for July 3 – 10, 2007

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

last_mimzy_small.jpg dead-silence-blog.jpg astronautfarmer_small.jpg

These are the DVD releases for Tuesday July 3rd – 10th, 2007. Just click on the links to purchase the movie posters:

  • The Last Mimzy (Family) Synopsis: Two children discover a mysterious box that contains some strange devices they think are toys. As the children play with these “toys,” they begin to display higher and higher intelligence levels. Their teacher tells their parents that they seem to have grown beyond genius.

    Cast: Rhiannon Leigh Wryn, Chris O’Neil, Rainn Wilson; Directed by: Robert Shaye

  • View The Last Mimzy Movie Trailer

  • Dead Silence (Horror) Synopis: There is an old ghost story in the sleepy town of Ravens Fair about Mary Shaw, a ventriloquist who went mad. Accused of the murder of a young boy, she was hunted down by vengeful townspeople who cut out her tongue and killed her. They buried her along with her “children,” a hand-made collection of vaudeville dolls.

    Cast: Donnie Wahlberg, Amber Valletta, Bob Gunton, Ryan Kwanten, Zoë Raye, Judith Roberts; Directed by: James Wan

  • Vew the Dead Silence Movie Trailer

  • The Astronaut Farmer (Drama) Synopsis: Experience a heartwarming display of family perseverance this summer when The Astronaut Farmer arrives on DVD July 10 from Warner Home Video. Director Michael Polish helms a moving story that will make you believe anything is possible when you reach for the stars.

    The Astronaut Farmer chronicles the adventures of Charles Farmer (Billy Bob Thornton), a former rising star in the field of aerospace engineering who is forced to retire early and tend to a family situation. Over the next 10 years, Farmer spends his time and money on developing his very own rocket ship, in which he plans to launch himself and orbit the earth.

    Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Virginia Madsen, Bruce Dern, Tim Blake Nelson, Charlie B. Brown; Directed by: Michael Polish

  • View The Astronaut Farmer Movie Trailer

Hostel Part II Trailer

Friday, June 8th, 2007

Beth (Lauren German) and Axelle (Vera Jordanova)

Synopsis: Three girls on a European vacation find torture and death at a Slovakian hostel.

Cast: Lauren German, Bijou Phillips, Roger Bart, Richard Burgi, Vera Jordanova, Heather Matarazzo, Stanislav Ianevski, Milan Knazko, Ivan Furak, Zuzana Geislerová, Jay Hernandez, Jordan Ladd; Directed by: Eli Roth

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Friday, May 11th, 2007


The story of one woman trapped in a life from which she dreams of escape. Jenna’s (Russell) secret ambition is to save enough money from her waitressing job to leave her overbearing and controlling husband (Sisto). Jenna is a sharp, sassy woman with a gift for making unusual pies whose recipes are inspired by the trials, tribulations and circumstances of her life. An unwanted pregnancy changes the course of events giving her an unexpected confidence via letters to her unborn baby.

Cast: Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion, Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Shelly, Jeremy Sisto, Andy Griffith, Eddie Jemison, Lew Temple; Directed by: Adrienne Shelly

View the Waitress trailer

In limited release: May 11th, 2007

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Wild Hogs

Thursday, February 8th, 2007


Four middle-aged biker wannabes envision themselves as a group of rebels, but they find a little too much adventure when they hit the road on their motorcycles and run into a real group of Hell’s Angels.

Cast: John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, John C. McGinley, Ray Liotta, Marisa Tomei, Kevin Durand. Jill Hennessy; Directed by: Walt Becker

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View the Trailer

In theaters: March 2, 2007

Alpha Dogs

Friday, November 24th, 2006


When a young drug dealer by the name of Johnny Truelove (Emile Hirsch) kidnaps Zack Mazurka (Anton Yelchin), the 15-year-old brother of a man in debt to him, things don’t go according to plan. As he desperately tries to get the money owed to him, Johnny’s crew looks after Zack. Though a hostage, Zack is enjoying the excitement of his situation, blissfully unaware of the despair of his parents and his brother’s rage.

Cast: Emile Hirsch, Justin Timberlake, Anton Yelchin, Shawn Hatosy; Directed by: Nick Cassavetes

Alpha Dog Movie Posters

View the Alpha Dog movie trailer here.

In theaters January 12, 2007

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