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Pan’s Labyrinth Memorabilia

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Pan’s Labyrinth 15oz. Ceramic Mug Style A

Director Guillermo del Toro’s film, Pan’s Labyrinth, is up for six Academy Awards this year, in categories including original screenplay and foreign language film. Just click on the links below to get your Pan’s Labyrinth Memorabilia:

  • Pan’s Labyrinth 15oz. Ceramic Mug Style A
  • Pan’s Labyrinth 15OZ. Ceramic Mug Style B
  • Pan’s Labyrinth Mousepad Style A
  • Pan’s Labyrinth 15 oz. Ceramic Mug & 11 x 17 Masterprint Set Style A
  • Pan’s Labyrinth 15 oz. Ceramic Mug and Masterprint Set Style B

Pan’s Labyrinth One Sheet Movie Poster – Style A

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007


Spain, 1944. Officially, the Civil War has been over for five years, but a small group of rebels fights on unbroken in the northern mountains of Navarra. Dreamy 10-year-old Ofelia moves to Navarra with her delicate, pregnant mother Carmen, to become acquainted with her new stepfather, Captain Vidal, a Fascist officer under orders to rid the territory of rebels. Ofelia, who is fascinated by fairy tales, discovers an overgrown, tumbledown labyrinth behind the mill. In the heart of the labyrinth she meets Pan, an ancient satyr who claims to know her true identity and her secret destiny. But first, she must complete three tasks before the moon grows full. And no one must know: not her ailing mother, or her new friend, Mercedes. Time is running out, for Ofelia and for the rebels. Both will have to battle hardship and cruelty in order to gain their freedom. But, who can be trusted in a time of lies and danger? Is Pan telling the truth…? And if not, who is?

Cast: Ivana Baquero, Doug Jones, Sergi López, Ariadna Gil, Maribel Verdú; Directed by: Guillermo del Toro

Pan’s Labyrinth 1 Sheet Movie Poster – Style A

Pan’s Labyrinth Movie Posters

Capone chats with Guillermo Del Toro about PAN’S LABYRINTH and More

Friday, December 29th, 2006


Capone over at Ain’t it Cool News chats with Guillermo Del Toro about >i>Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy 2 etc.

Hey, everyone. Capone in Chicago here. Literally for months after I saw PAN’S LABYRINTH for the first time back in September, I knew that I’d be interviewing writer-director Guillermo del Toro when he came through Chicago in early December. For about two-and-a-half months, I was giddy with anticipation. Guillermo has a long history with AICN and an old friendship with Mr. Knowles that I’ve been aware of for some time. But since I live in the Windy City, I’ve only gotten to know the man through his films. This was our first actual exchange of any kind, but Guillermo has a way of making even a complete stranger feel like an old friend. The big bear hug he gave me at the end of our interview will stand as testament to that.

Just to explain a little about our initial introductory exchange: very often when I meet a director who has some knowledge of AICN, the publicist will simply tell the person my real name and my affiliation. What I’ve learned this year more than any other year is that, with the exception of Harry, the AICN editors’ real names don’t really mean much to actors or directors. But when you throw names at them like Quint or Moriarty or Capone, then the interviewees get a little more excited and open. Guillermo didn’t know exactly who I was for the initial part of our exchange, but that changes, as you’ll read.

I hope this transcription captures some of Guillermo’s enthusiasm and love for PAN’S LABYRINTH. My love of the film knows no bounds, as it’s clearly on of the great films of 2006. Just to give you a little bit of a timeline, this interview took place a couple of days after BNAT 8. Be warned: there are SPOILERS scattered throughout about PAN’S. And now, here’s our friend Guillermo del Toro…

Click on the link to read the interview:

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Pan’s Labyrinth Movie Posters

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In theaters, December 29, 2006

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