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Review: Saw III Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Saturday, October 28th, 2006


Metal fans will love the new Saw III soundtrack. Read on:

Being the guy who is responsible for putting together a movie soundtrack album has the potential to be the best and the worst job ever. If a soundtrack does not fit with the movie’s plot and takes away from the storyline, the music is worthless. If the soundtrack does find a way to connect with the movie’s central theme and enhances the moviegoer’s experience, it help make the movie that much more memorable. Such is the power of music.

Count the guy who assembled the soundtrack to Saw III among those who gets to keep his job. The cuts on this album are a perfect fit for what has become one of the most successful horror movie franchises in the past decade.

The tricky part with using heavy metal as the soundtrack genre is that in the past decade, metal has become so sub-categorized and segmented that it would be very easy to get lost among the sub-genres and lose the audience. Metalcore or grindcore? Prog metal or speed metal? Black metal or Death metal? All are different and cater to different audiences.

Despite the fact that the Saw III soundtrack does cross musical sub-genres, it does so in such a way that the songs actually seem to fit together – not so much like a band creating a new album, but more like a record label taking a band’s songs and creating a greatest hits record. Featured on the album are bands like Slayer, Helmet, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Avenged Sevenfold and Ministry.

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