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Top 10 Sexiest Jessica Biel Roles

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007


Jennifer Biel has landed the coveted role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming JLA film and in celebration Scott Collura over at IGN is featuring the top ten Jennifer Biel roles.

With word coming yesterday that actress and all-around hottie Jessica Biel is in talks to star as Wonder Woman in the upcoming JLA film, what better time is there than now to take a look back at the wonderful Ms. Biel’s resume, specifically with an eye to examining her hottest turns before the camera. Because let’s face it: Wonder Woman’s number one responsibility is to look good… very, very good.

Some fans love the notion of Biel playing Wonder Woman while others hate it, but there’s no denying that the starlet has done her fair share of sexy over the past few years. Submitted for your approval then are Jessica Biel’s Top 10 Sexiest Roles. Consider this something to tide to you over until you get your first glimpse of Biel in the red, white, and blue WW undies…

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