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Wild Hogs

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy and Tim Allen

Wild Hogs Trailer

Suburbanite friends become biker wannabes and hit the open road in search of adventure. But they get more than they bargained for when they encounter a New Mexico gang called the Del Fuegos.

In Theaters: March 2nd, 2007

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Wild Hogs

Thursday, February 8th, 2007


Four middle-aged biker wannabes envision themselves as a group of rebels, but they find a little too much adventure when they hit the road on their motorcycles and run into a real group of Hell’s Angels.

Cast: John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, John C. McGinley, Ray Liotta, Marisa Tomei, Kevin Durand. Jill Hennessy; Directed by: Walt Becker

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In theaters: March 2, 2007

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