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1911 Antique 8 oz Popcorn Machine - Black and Chrome

1911 Antique 8 oz Popcorn Machine - Black and Chrome

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Weight21.00 lbs
Availability: Ships Within 1 - 2 Business Days
Ships: Worldwide


Bring a nostalgic look and feel to your home theater with our 1911 originals antique 8 ounce popcorn machine. The black and chrome look will enhance any decor. This is a well built popcorn machine which features new innovative technology such as: side-hinged, anodized aluminum kettles and extruded side post construction at a very affordable price. Perfect for your home theater, concession stand or business.


  • Pops 147 one-ounce servings per
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • High-output, hard-coat anodized aluminum kettle for optimum performance and easy cleaning.
  • Side-hinged kettle - The side-hinged kettle is simple to operate and maintain. This design facilitates routine cleaning because you can reach all parts of the kettle. Just wipe it with a damp cloth regularly and you’ll eliminate most of the baked-on carbon that is so common in oil-based cooking appliances.
  • Sturdy cabinet construction - The cabinet feature aluminum extruded side post construction so it has superior structural integrity. The extrusions are designed to withstand heavy commercial use without damage. Channels inside the side posts protect wiring from oil residues that cause electrical shorts and operation interruptions. Tempered glass side panels slide right into the channels. All metal on the cabinet is finished with powder-coated paint that resists chipping.
  • Stainless steel foodzone and tempered glass panels - The stainless steel bottom tray, drop door and old-maid drawer is removable for quick cleaning. Just put them in the dishwasher or hand wash them with any mild detergent. Tempered glass side and back panel is designed for safety and easy cleaning – just wipe with a standard glass cleaner.
  • Built-in warming deck - Our 8 ounce popper  incorporate a 50-watt heating element underneath the bottom tray. Since heat rises, bottom heating is better than heat lamps that only warm the top layer of popcorn. Our bottom-heating element keeps all the popcorn in the cabinet warm and at the ideal serving temperature. Depending on the humidity level, popcorn can stay fresh all day if kept at the right temperature.
  • Old maid drawer - A stainless steel drawer built into the base of the popper collects the unpopped kernels, or “old maids.” The small holes in the tray allow the old maids to fall through, while keeping the fully popped corn in the serving cabinet. It’s simple to remove the drawer for emptying and cleaning.
  • Presentation lamp - A 50-watt R20 lamp lights the cabinet interior and highlights the popped corn for added impulse sales. The light also provides extra safety and convenience because the operator can see the kettle clearly for loading and unloading.

Dimensions: Depth 18 1/4" x Width 21 3/4" Height: x 31"


  • Volts: 120
  • Watts: 1420
  • Amps: 12
  • Shipping Weight: 68 lbs.


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