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Rear illuminated poster cases and poster marquees are great ways to display your movie posters in your home theater, living room, office, restaurant or business. There are two types of lightbox from which you can choose. There is the poster case and marquee style. The poster case has a door that can be locked to protect your investment; it comes with a key and it can be used either indoor or outdoor.  The marquee lightbox does not have a door and it is for indoor use only - that is really the only difference between two displays. You see examples of rear illuminated poster marquees in your local cinema. Cinemas use the lockable poster case lightbox to display the posters outdoors.

Double-sided one sheet posters are the ideal choice for lightboxes, because these posters have mirror image printing on both sides (front and back) that give them a three dimensional look when displayed in a lightbox. You cannot display single-sided posters in a lightbox, because they will look completely washed out.

You can purchase the poster case and marquees with two options for installation - hardwired or with a power cord.  The hardwired option means that the poster display comes ready to be hardwired into the electrical system. You will need a certified electrician to do the wiring.  With this method you have a clean look and you won't have a cord running down the wall from the lightbox to the electrical outlet.

The power cord option means that the display comes with a plug that you can plug into the electrical outlet. There will be power cord running down the wall from the poster case or marquee to the electrical outlet.

You also have the option to choose the switch location for your lit poster display. We recommend the "bottom center" option, but it is ultimately up to you.

Lastly, you can choose either the clear-styrene or the heavy duty lexan protector/enhancer for the lit poster marquee. We recommend the heavy duty lexan protector/enhancer as it enhances the look of the poster and there is no glare.

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