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Goldberg Brothers Furniture and Decor Products

Located in Denver, Colorado, Goldberg Brothers, Inc. have been manufacturing specialty hardware since 1897. Soon after sound film became prevalent, Goldberg Brothers entered the entertainment market and began manufacturing specialty movie theater products such as: film reels, storage canisters, film re-winders and various types of shipping containers for the film industry. They are the leading producers of "precision film reels" and "motion-picture-related products that are still being used in Hollywood film studios and movie theaters around the world", today.

Now Goldberg Brothers Inc. is manufacturing home decor products using their film reels and various other film elements to create unique furniture and decor items for the home, home theater and theater themed businesses. They have also, recently partnered with Paramount Pictures to create a line of decor products and furniture to commemorate the studios centennial year.

Film Reel Home Theater Decor by Goldberg Brothers, Inc.

Paramount Pictures Decor Line


Tables & End Tables

Wine Racks

Wall Clocks


Door Pulls & Door Ports


Wall Decor

Theater Decor Accessories

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