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Beowulf Review


Beowulf is both exciting and beautiful, but you must see it in 3D Imax.

If talk of Beowulf conjures up images of listless poetry lessons at school then think again – the new big screen version of the Anglo-Saxon epic is one of the most exciting and viscerally accomplished films of the year. Using performance-capture technology and crystal clear 3D imagery, director Robert Zemeckis fully immerses the viewer in a mythical world of warriors, monsters and demons, and in doing so makes his best film for more than a decade.

Which is no mean feat as the source material is challenging to say the least. The 3,000-line poem was written sometime in the sixth century and revolves about a Viking warrior who saves an ancient Danish kingdom from destruction at the hands of a terrible beast. The plot is pure Hollywood, but the convoluted and disparate nature of the original text couldn’t be further from modern, three-act screenplay structure. Writers Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary have decided to play fast and loose with the story however, filling in the poem’s many blanks to create a convincing and wholly satisfying adventure about the battle between good and evil and the nature of true heroism.

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