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Interview: The Strangers

Liv Tyler and director Bryan Bertino give an indepth interview about the upcoming horror/thriller, The Strangers. The Stangers opens in theaters this Friday, May 30th.

Writer-director Bryan Bertino is living the film-geek dream at the moment, with his first movie, the creepy horror-thriller The Strangers, hitting this coming weekend. The picture stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as a young couple who, during a stay at a vacation house in the woods, become the targets of a trio of relentless and murderous madmen.

The situation very quickly spirals out of control for Tyler and Speedman’s characters as they seek to beat the odds and escape from these Strangers. But the fact that The Strangers got made at all is a triumph in and of itself over the odds. For not only is the movie Bertino’s first feature film as a director, but it’s also his first sold script.

“It’s a lot of firsts!” the helmer recently joked while talking with IGN. A former photography student who moved from Texas to Los Angeles, Bertino soon began writing scripts after his arrival in Hollywood. The third one he penned would turn out to become The Strangers. “I entered it into the Nicholls Fellowship. It’s a competition where like 7,000 people or something enter, and I finished in the top 300. So you got on a list that went out to agents and managers, and a manager called me and a week later I sold it. So all of a sudden I quit my job and everything took off from there.”

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