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Revisiting The Mummy

Eric Moro chats with director, Rob Cohen (Tomb of the Dragon Emperor).

The archeological dig is massive, but everyone is in good spirits. Alex O’Connell — son of Rick and Eve O’Connell (protagonists of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns) — is clearly in charge, complementing the camp chef on that day’s soup and commenting on his hopes for finding the entrance to the tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Suddenly, the call comes.

Alex and his team descend into a crypt lined wall-to-wall with ancient treasures, as well as the famed terracotta warriors. But maneuvering through the area is no simple feat. In fact, in a scene ripped straight out of an Indiana Jones film, one of the workers steps on a loose stone tile, which triggers a shot of acid directly to his face. Panicked, another worker takes off running… only to trigger a second trap. An ancient wall-mounted crossbow fires randomly into the tomb, killing several other workers. Alex is horrified; he races to try and save his team, but is stopped by a friend who reminds him that they knew the inherent risks involved with their work. The two soldier on…

A massive stone statue of the Emperor riding his chariot rests in the center of the chamber. Coming to the conclusion that this is a marker of some sort, Alex and his friend trigger a mechanism that lowers the O’Connell son underneath the statue to the final resting place of the Dragon Emperor. But before he can fully examine the remains, Alex is attacked by a masked assailant. The warrior is fast and fierce, knocking the gun out of Alex’s hand and bringing him to the ground before he knows what’s hit him. In the ensuing struggle, the warrior’s mask comes free revealing a beautiful Chinese woman with a scar across her check. From up above, Alex’s friend fires several shots toward the woman, scaring her off and saving the young O’Connell at the same time.

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