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Reboot: Godzilla 2012

Godzilla 2012If you are a fan of the Godzilla movies, you will be happy to hear that Legendary Studios and Warners Brothers are planning to “revive the international icon in a new Godzilla movie in 2012.” In this reboot Godzilla will go back to its root and instead of battling the military (as in the Sony version) the giant beast will be fighting “at least one other monster or “monsters.” Let us know what you think. Do you want to see yet another movie with Godzilla stomping around and making a general nuisance of himself? Read on to learn what the folks over at Cinematical have to say:

Legendary Pictures is gearing up for a ‘Godzilla’ reboot and there’s been a lot of speculation about what they have planned. ‘Godzilla 2012′ producer Brian Rogers took some time during The 3D Summit in California to update everyone on plans for the legendary monster. Fans of Toho’s giant green radioactive lizard should be pleased with what the producer reveals. captured Rogers’ comments on video and they’re a ray of hope for anyone worried that Legendary’s updating of the franchise might turn out like Sony’s 1998 reboot. When asked what he plans to do to distinguish the new film from that older abomination, Rogers states, “They [Legendary Pictures] want to do a complete reboot of the character and bring it to a new audience. In terms of the reboot, I think in all the conversations we have with Legendary they made it clear that they wanted to pay homage to the traditional Godzilla character and they did not want to make the same decisions that Sony did … “

What does that mean exactly? Well, for starters it means there’ll be no iguana-like Godzilla in the new film. It also means that Legendary won’t be traversing the narrative path of Sony’s film, wherein the King of Monsters fights the US Military, but will instead have the titular beast fighting at least one other monster or “monsters.” Rogers feels that not having another giant nemesis for Godzilla to contend with isn’t remaining true to the spirit of the original films.

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