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The Incredible Hulk Blu-ray Review

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk looks great in Blu-ray.

“Hulk smash!” It’s incredibly (pardon the pun) important to remember that when going in to see the Marvel Studios requel of The Incredible Hulk. Sure, there’s angst — the story’s hero is cursed with a monstrous alter ego that only appears when he gets “excited” (in both good and bad ways). Sure, there’s tension — the story’s hero is constantly on the run from “Big Brother-like” forces looking to capture and exploit his beast within. But ultimately the film, much like the comic book from which it’s based, is about destruction.

Think a smaller scale Cloverfield and you’re in the right ballpark. To further hammer the point home: An introspective tale focusing on father-son issues this is not (sorry, Ang Lee).

Video and Presentation

Presented in its original theatrical 2.35:1 widescreen aspect ratio, Incredible Hulk looks, in a word, incredible on Blu-ray. The pristine transfer captures every vivid color and sharp detail of the print with precision. There’s a nice range in contrast, and the black levels vary from subtle shadow to inky pitch and everything in between. Leterrier’s camera is always on the move, but the disc doesn’t have a problem keeping up with the rapid-fire action scenes and quick cuts. When it comes to the CGI, the Hulk himself doesn’t stand out as a computer graphic, although other effects like helicopter crashes, rain and fire don’t fare quite as well. It’s a small flaw, but the only one that was particularly evident.

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