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Son of Rambow Director Talks to IGN

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Director, Garth Jennings gets the thumbs up from Stallone for his (Jennings) upcoming film, Rambow.

Everyone remembers seeing a film when they’re a kid that completely blows their mind and changes the way they see films for ever. For many it was Star Wars: Episode IV , for IGN it was comedy classic Police Academy IV: Citizens on Patrol, but for Hithchikers Guide to the Galaxy director Garth Jennings, Rambo: First Blood was his formative cinematic experience and the inspiration for his latest effort Son of Rambow. The film revolves around two 12-year old boys who are so struck by Stallone’s violent epic they decide to craft a remake with little more than a cam-corder and a healthy dose of imagination. With the film earning rave reviews on the festival circuit, and now set for a UK release this Friday, IGN spoke to Jennings to find out more.

IGN: Was the film’s huge success on the festival circuit a surprise?

Garth Jennings: Yeah it was kind of weird. I mean we always had high hopes for it. You’re not making it, thinking: “it’ll never work”, your thinking “this is going to be great!” But then by the time you’ve finished the technical side, the mixing etc, you’ve totally lost sight of it. So by the time you’ve got to Sundance, it’ll be its first public screening – and we’d only just finished the film by that point – then we actually expected the worst. That people would be “oh, that’s okay” and that would be the end of it. But the way it played in that room that night – every button we wanted to push was pushed – and it was amazing.

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