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T-800 Life-Size Bust

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007


To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of T2, Sideshow Collectibles and Stan Winston Studios have partnered to create the T-800 Life-Size Bust. Using life-casts of Arnold created during the filming of T2, Stan Winston’s team has created the ultimate T-800 bust. This is the real deal, life-like and accurate to the film. The T-800 Life-Size Bust is cast in fiberglass and polystone, then hand-finished and hand-painted to exacting standards. Don’t miss this opportunity to own the ultimate T2 collectible!

Click Here for details.

Frankenstein’s Monster (Boris Karloff) Premium Format Figure

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007


Celebrating seventy years since the film’s release, Frankenstein’s monster rises once again and lumbers forth from the dark depths of the Sideshow Collectibles laboratory. Based on Boris Karloff’s version in The Bride of Frankenstein, the “Monster” is painstakingly hand-crafted, cast in the highest quality polystone and accurate down to the most intricate of details, from the wrinkles on his massive brow and hands, to the scarring along the side of his face. He is dressed in a tailored fabric costume, and stands atop a sturdy cobblestone textured base. You absolutely must give this sad, misunderstood creature a home. Alone… bad. Friend… good

Click on the link below to order your Frankenstein Premium Format Figure now:

Frankenstein’s Monster (Boris Karloff) Premium Format Figure

Aragorn Versus Uruk-Hai Diorma Preorder

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007


This is the second, highly anticipated, entry in the series of The Lord of the Rings Dioramas. The Walls of Helm’s Deep Diorama captures Aragorn in the heat of battle, as he turns from one attacker to another with grim resolve. The Uruk-hai berserker is slain, but before Aragorn can dispatch the ladder, he must face a ferocious swordsman. The diorama has been sculpted in approximately 1:9 scale, each figure standing approximately 9.5 inches tall. Each piece is cast in high quality polystone, hand-finished, and hand-painted to exacting standards. The Walls of Helm’s Deep Diorama is complete with a hand-numbered individual edition number on the bottom side of the base. Don’t miss this chance to continue your collection of The Lord of the Rings Dioramas!.

Click on the link below for more details:

Aragorn Versus Uruk-Hai Diorma – Sideshow Collectibles

Star Wars Bossk Life-Size Bust Preorder

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007


The life-size Bossk bust captures every pitted and weathered scale of Bossk’s leathery hide, expertly reproducing the original mask used to bring life to the bounty hunter in The Empire Strikes Back. The Bossk is cast in fiberglass with a polystone skin, capturing all the detail of the original sculpture. The bust is mounted on a Star Wars inspired display base, including a ‘Bossk’ nameplate. The hand crafted, hand painted life-size Bossk bust is sure to become the centerpiece of your Star Wars or bounty hunter collection.

Click on the link below for more details:

Star Wars Bossk Life-Size Bust – Sideshow Collectibles

Speeder Bike and Scout Premium Format Figure Preorder

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007


Speeder Bike and Scout Premium Format Figure Preorder:

The Premium Format 1:4 Scale Speeder Bike and Scout Trooper figure is akin to the stop motion maquettes used in the making of the famous chase sequence in Return of the Jedi. Every detail of the speeder bike and scout trooper has been accurately recreated in 1:4 scale, utilizing a mixture of materials to capture the proper look and feel. The bike is cast in heavy-weight polystone and white metal, and is mounted on a sturdy support rod. The body of the biker scout is cast in high-density foam, and incorporates several points of articulation so that you may adjust the pose and attitude of the trooper’s head and arm. The trooper is costumed in a real fabric body glove, then finished with polystone and metal armor elements. The display base is cast in heavy-weight polystone, and finished on the base bottom with individual hand numbering.

The Premium Format Speeder bike and Scout Trooper set will be available in a strictly limited quantity, so be sure to lock in your pre-order now.

Click on the link below for more details:

Speeder Bike and Scout Premium Format Figure – Sideshow Collectibles

Spider-man 3 Statues

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

spiderman-3-statue-small.jpg black-suited-spider-man-3-statue-small.jpg spider-man-3-diorama-small.jpg

Spider-man 3 will be in theaters, May 4th and you can get the memorabilia here at All Movie Replicas. Just click on the links below for more details:

  • Spider-man Statue – Spider-man 3
  • Black Costume Spider-man Statue – Spider-man 3
  • Spider-Man VS Venom and Sandman Diorama – Spider-Man 3

Visit the official web site

George Lucas on the Future of Star Wars

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Geroge Lucas and Harrison Ford

I this article on, George Lucas talks about the possiblity of another Star Wars movie. Read on:

This past weekend, George Lucas was honored at the Museum of Television and Radio’s William S. Paley Television Festival. Fittingly, the conversation was mostly about Lucas’s television work, both past and present, including The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and the two upcoming Star Wars oriented television series he is developing. However, Lucas also touched upon his future film work, including whether there might be any more Star Wars movies.

Lucas called them “the mysterious other Star Wars movies,” referring to ongoing fan speculation on whether there might ever be an Episode VII, VIII and IX. Lucas said comments he made long ago were misconstrued as absolute statements, explaining that when he first was making the Star Wars films and was asked about future sequels, he had remarked, off the cuff, “Maybe we’ll do another when the actors are all 80.” However, the writer/director than laughed and added that, “What I didn’t realize is, I’ll be 80.” Lucas noted that future Star Wars movies were, “An idea that seemed amusing at the time, but doesn’t seem realistic now.”

Click on the link below to read the entire article:

Read more…

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General Grievous 1/4 Scale Figure – Sideshow Collectibles

Frankenstein Life-Size Bust – Sideshow Collectibles

Friday, February 16th, 2007


This eerily life-like Frankenstein life-size bust was just unveiled at the New York Toy Fair and you can preorder yours here at All Movie Replicas.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Frankenstein, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to offer a life-size bust of Karloff as the monster. The artists at Sideshow, recreating Karloff’s likeness, the Jack Pierce make-up and reproducing the classic costume in high-quality fabrics, have expertly captured the essence of the character.

Just click on the link below for more details:

Frankenstein Life-Size BustSideshow Collectibles

Elder Predator and Throne Model Kit – Hot Toys -

Friday, February 16th, 2007


The Elder Predator and Throne Diorama was finally unveiled at the New York Toy Fair and you can preorder it here at All Movie Replicas.


AVP introduced several fearsome Predators, including three young Predator warriors and some of the more experienced, higher-ranking Elder Predators. Hot Toys has expanded their range of AVP products beyond the articulated 12-inch scale figures to beautifully sculpted, highly detailed dioramas.

Just click on the link below for more details:Elder Predator and Throne Model KitHot Toys

Hostel RAH 12-Inch Figure – Medicom Toy

Friday, February 16th, 2007


Unveiled at the New York don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this Hostel RAH Figure. You can preorder it here at All Movie Replicas.

Sideshow is pleased to announce that Medicom Toy Coporation has granted Sideshow Collectibles the pleasure of importing a small quantity of the limited edition Hostel 12-inch RAH figure. The figure is highly authentic and film accurate, and ready to take life on your shelf in any dynamic pose that you desire.

Just click on the link below for more details:

Hostel RAH 12-Inch FigureMedicom Toy

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