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SDCC 09: Robert Rodriguez Panel

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Robert Rodriguez

The Sin City helmer on what’s coming up next for him.

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez appeared at San Diego Comic-Con today to talk about his new family film Shorts, during which time the Sin City and Planet Terror director also updated fans on what’s happening with several of his upcoming projects.

Rodriguez said that he’s producing the remake of The Creature From the Black Lagoon now, which he said was as fun as any of the family films he’s made. He is also producing Predators, which he recalled was a script that he originally wrote back in 1994. 20th Century Fox reapproached him about it recently because, as the filmmaker put it, they thought the Predator franchise had gone astray with the Alien vs. Predator movies.

Rodriguez said Fox is letting him make the movie his way at his Troublemaker Studios in Austin, Texas, and that his ’94 script will be the basis for it. K&B are already doing effects work on it for a 2010 release.

The next project that Rodriguez will helm will be Machete, based on the faux trailer he did for Grindhouse. That will start filming in the next few weeks. He recalled how he and Danny Trejo have actually been kicking the idea around since 1993. Rodriguez promised fans that Machete will be as good or better than the mock trailer, “out of control,” “crazy” and “a lot of fun.”

Rodriguez said his dance card for the next year is full so don’t expect Sin City 2 to go before cameras for at least another year.

Sin City 2 News

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Sin City Poster

Sin City 2 may commense shooting in April of 2009.

We spoke to Frank Miller this morning at The Spirit junket, and couldn’t resist asking him about the sequel to one of our favourite films of the last five years, Sin City.

Much to our delight, the response was encouraging, with the writer-turned-director saying that Sin City 2 might be ready to shoot early next year.

“Sin City 2 is written,” he proclaimed. “It’s mainly a matter of working out the details of the production. I’m hoping to do it with Robert Rodriguez again in the same circumstances that we did the first one, and we could be shooting as soon as April.”

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