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New Star Wars Book From Del Rey

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Star Wars Order 66 Book Cover

New Star Wars: Order 66 book available from Del Rey now. The author is Karen Traviss. Visit Del Rey to purchase the book and read an excerpt.

Even as the Clone Wars are about to reach an explosive climax, no one knows if victory will favor the Grand Army of the Republic or the Separatists. But even the deadliest weapons and the most heroic efforts may not be powerful enough to challenge the apocalyptic horror unleashed when Chancellor Palpatine finally utters the chilling words, “The time has come. Execute Order 66.” Translation: The Jedi have tried to stage a coup, and all must be shot on sight. How will the men of Omega and Delta squads react when their loyalty and trust are tested? The fates of the Republic and Jedi now rest in their hands.

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  • Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy (trilogy includes: LABYRINTH OF EVIL by James Luceno/REVENGE OF THE SITH by Matthew Stover, based on the story and screenplay by George Lucas/DARK LORD The Rise of Darth Vader by James Luceno)
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