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Titanic 3D Movie Trailer

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Titanic 3D Movie PosterRelease date: Wednesday April 4, 2012 (Wide)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Adventure
Runtime: 194 min.
Director: James Cameron
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Producer(s): James Cameron, Jon Landau
Screenplay: James Cameron
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Bill Paxton, Bernard Hill, Gloria Stuart, Frances Fisher, Victor Garber
Official Site:
Rated: PG-13 – for disaster related peril and violence, nudity, sensuality and brief language

To celebrate the centenary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, James Cameron has rereleased Titanic in 3D. He hasn’t reworked the story, so the movie that we know and love is pretty much the same except that it is in 3D making it that much better.

Watch the Titanic 3D trailer

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The Dark Knight On The Verge of Beating Titanic

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Titanic Joker Pic

The folks over at IGN wants your help to topple Titanic from the top spot as the highest grossing film of all time. The views concerning Titanic is IGN’s alone:

It was 1997. Titanic opened just before Christmas. It was one of those movies that debuted at exactly the right time, striking every possible chord with audiences. The subject matter, for whatever reason, was a source of fascination for people at the time. The movie had just the right cast — Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were on the verge of superstardom. It utilized exciting, headline-grabbing filmmaking techniques to tell its period story. And we may cringe just thinking about Celine Dion with that giant rock around her elongated neck, but the film was set to music that was absolutely perfect for the times.

And so it was. Grown men cried, virgins were deflowered, and Titanic became the #1 movie of all time. The world was changed. It was that big of a deal.

But a funny thing happened… Time passed, and cinematic tastes evolved. Now, there are plenty of classic Hollywood films that have weathered these changes. But Titanic isn’t one of them. Ironically, the things that made it so very appropriate for the late-1990s, are the things that make it seem so incredibly dated now. Today, Titanic plays like a sickeningly schmaltzy cheese-fest of epic proportions. And that’s why it must be defeated as the top-grossing domestic movie ever. It simply cannot stand! But who will take back the box office crown?

Enter The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece of a sequel to Batman Begins. Now, who knows if we’ll look back on this film the same way in a decade, but we’re pretty sure it’ll still remain one of the best movies we’ve ever seen. That’s why we’re taking it upon ourselves here at IGN to launch a grassroots effort aimed at making The Dark Knight the highest-grossing flick ever. And we need your help, Bat-fans!

TDK, after nine weeks of release, has the second-highest domestic gross of all time — over $517 million. Titanic is still floating atop the list with $600.8 million. For you math geniuses out there, that’s an $83 million deficit. And with the Bat-sequel only pulling in around $4 million this weekend, we’ve all got some work to do. So, spread the word! Let’s get out in force to see The Dark Knight for the umpteenth time, and deliver a shattering Batarang blow right to Jack Dawson’s stunningly gorgeous jaw.

Can we do it? Yes, we can. The Dark Knight has been in theaters for 9 weeks. Titanic enjoyed a whopping 41-week run. That long of a run may not be in the cards for The Dark Knight as the DVD and Blu-ray release are expected in December, but an IMAX rerelease has already been announced for January, so that’s sure to help the cause. For now, the flick is still playing in 2,191 theaters. So, let’s get out there and fill some seats, people!

We hope you’ll join us and do your part to make the world a better place. We’ll be back next week with an update on TDK’s gross and our campaign’s progress. Until then, “¡Sí, se puede!”

Click on the link below to help IGN:

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The Dark Knight Film Cells

Titanic movie posters

New DVD Releases : Tuesday November 20, 2007

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

t_3744.jpg t_3638.jpgt_2689.jpg t_5519.jpg

Lots of really awesome DVD releases this week, everyone. So stock and enjoy. Just click on the corresponding links to purchase the movie posters.

  • Hairspray (Musical/Comedy) – Cast: John Travolta, Nicole Blonsky, Amanda Bynes, Christopher Walken, Zac Efron, Elijah Kelley, Queen Latifah, Michelle Pfeiffer, Brittany Snow, James Marsden, Allison Janney, Taylor Parks, Jesse Weafer; Directed by: Adam Shankman

    View the Hairspray Movie Trailer

  • Live Free or Die Hard (Action) – Cast: Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant, Maggie Q, Justin Long, Jeffrey Wright, Mary Elizabeth Winstead; Directed by: Len Wiseman
  • Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (Comedy) – Cast: Tim Allen, Martin Short, Elizabeth Mitchell, Ann-Margret, Alan Arkin; Directed by: Michael Lembeck

  • Titanic (Drama/Romance) – Cast: Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stuart, Jonathan Hyde, Danny Nucci, David Warner, Bill Paxton, Bernard Hill, Victor Garber, Suzy Amis, Bernard Fox; Directed by: James Cameron

  • Rescue Dawn (Action/Drama) – American pilot Dieter Dengler (Christian Bale) is shot down during a top secret mission to destroy Viet Cong strongholds in Laos at the beginning of the Vietnam War. Cast: Christian Bale, Zach Grenier, Marshall Bell; Directed by: Werner Herzog

  • Ghosts of Cite Soleil (Documentary) – In the slum of Cité Soleil, President Aristide’s most loyal supporters were ruling as kings. The five major gang leaders were controlling heavily armed young men; the Chiméres. The Secret army of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. “Ghosts of Cité Soleil” is a film about Billy and Haitian 2pac. Cast: Winson ‘2Pac’ Jean, Wyclef Jean, James ‘Bily’ Petit Frère, Éleonore ‘Lele’ Senlis

Titanic Replicas

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007


Be on the lookout for Titanic’s licensed Heart of the Ocean necklace and butterfly hairpin replicas, which will be coming soon to All Movie Replicas. These pieces will be authentic, licensed replicas of the necklace and hairpin that Kate Winslet wore in the blockbuster movie. Be among the first to own these amazing pieces. Check back here for updates.

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